2024 GOP Candidate Destroys ‘The View’

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

(TheRedWire.com) – South Carolina Republican senator Tim Scott, who is one of the 2024 Republican presidential candidates slammed the hosts of ABC’s “The View” and Sunny Hostin over their recent racially charged comments regarding his relationship status.

Hostin in her statement noted that he would be concerned about the possibility of someone like Virginia Thomas, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife, entering Scott’s life and influencing him while he is in the White House. Virginia Thomas has been heavily blasted by the left for her conservative activism during the time when her husband was serving on the Supreme Court.

Sean Hannity noted during his show “Hannity” that Hostin’s comments had a racial element, as Thomas who is Black is married to a White woman.

Scott, who was the first Black senator to win an election in the South since Reconstruction, stated that the Democratic Party and the left were “stuck in Jim Crow.” He proceeded to argue that “The View” hosts and the progressive left did not want to have a “Black man who thinks for himself” and that they thought that people in America could be anything but not Black and conservative.

He added that Sunny’s comments were “radical” for that reason and that he did not want to see his life story be misrepresented by the radical left. As he pointed out many of the other hosts of “The View” also have a history of racially charged incidents, as decades ago Joy Behar had worn blackface as part of her Halloween costume. However, Behar had responded to the criticisms about her costume claiming she had dressed up as a “beautiful African woman.”

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