Republicans Slam DA Over Skyrocketing Crime

Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

( – On Friday, the House GOP slammed Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner over his “pro-criminal policies” during a field hearing in Pennsylvania. 

The House Judiciary Committee, which is led by Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, held a field hearing in Center City, Pennsylvania where they invited the families of the fallen police officers. During the hearing, Jordan opened up by noting that the “pro-criminal policies” in Philadelphia were emboldening criminals and that under these policies the victims were not receiving the justice that they deserved. As he pointed out Krasner was using his office in order to move away from everything he considered to be “social injustices” including reducing sentences and bail reforms. However, these policy changes were hurting victims and those who had lost their lives. 

During the hearing, the committee heard from the family members of two fallen police officers, Temple University Sgt. Christopher Fitzgerald and Sgt. James O’Connor. Fitzgerald had been killed in February 2023, and O’Connor had been killed in March 2020. 

Jordan pointed out that people could do something this wrong and still Krasner would let them go. 

Krasner was first elected in office in 2017 and had been reelected in 2021. As he had argued, social reform is a better way of fighting crime instead of incarcerating people who had committed nonviolent offenses. 

Jordan pointed out that when bad guys are not prosecuted, no one should be surprised that there would be more crime. 

Fitzgerald’s father, Joel Fitzgerald stated that Krasner was part of this issue as he was allowing these opportunities. 

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