Democrat Senator Fumes At Trump For Selling Bibles

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

( – On Sunday, Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., blasted former President Donald Trump for the recent sale of Bibles in collaboration with Lee Greenwood, a country music star, for $60. 

Warnock, who serves at Ebenezer Baptist Church as a senior pastor, slammed Trump over his decision to sell the Bible, which is a holy text, at such a high price. As he argued, the Christian holy text did not require the enforcement of the former President, and Jesus had during his time on earth ousted money changers from the temple. He added that what was said was that no one was surprised by Trump’s actions to take something sacred and use it to make a profit. 

Warnock pointed out that Trump in the past has had several failed business ventures, including the Trump University and the steaks. As he pointed out both of these businesses had resulted in Trump needing to face legal repercussions. He added that if Trump was not selling steaks then he was selling a school that provided a degree that was worthless. He continued by arguing that if he was not selling an education, then it was sneakers and now it was scriptures. 

The Georgia Democrat continued by arguing that Trump selling Bibles was a “risky bet” as the Holy text did not align with the conduct of the former President. He added that Trump was doing the same thing he had always done which is take risks, but that this time the risk might end up backfiring if people ended up reading the Bible. 

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