Gas Stations Now Hiring Police Dogs

Photo by Mehluli Hikwa on Unsplash

( – At three Sheetz fuel stations located in Greensboro, North Carolina, K-9 units have been introduced, a decision that has elicited mixed reactions from the community.

Amanda Williams expressed concern to Nexstar’s WGHP, stating, “It’s a bit alarming that we’ve reached a point where this is necessary. It feels like the world has gone mad.”

Bill Macy, a supervisor for Sheetz, noted that these Greensboro locations are the first in North Carolina to employ K-9 units, supplied by the Virginia-based American K-9 Interdiction.

The locations on Wendover Avenue, West Market Street, and Spring Garden Street are where, according to local resident Michael Rogers, the presence of K-9s is justified. He commented, “It’s beneficial. People often misbehave in public. If they won’t adhere to the rules, facing a K-9 consequence is fair.”

Sheetz explained the decision to employ K-9 units as part of their commitment to safety, stating, “Ensuring the safety of our customers and staff at Sheetz is paramount. We regularly evaluate our stores’ security needs and have decided to introduce K-9 units at certain Greensboro locations as an extra precaution.”

Henry Boyd expressed reservations, questioning the necessity of K-9s unless for specific purposes like drug detection, and likened it to adding more police presence.

A spokesperson for Sheetz informed WGHP that the K-9s are being trialed, and there is no fixed duration for their deployment. Requests for comments on the call volumes at these Sheetz locations from the Greensboro Police received no immediate response.

This security enhancement follows an earlier announcement by Sheetz to bolster security at its Greensboro stores after an incident where a police officer, Sgt. Dale Nix, was fatally shot during a confrontation with suspects allegedly trying to take beer. This confrontation occurred in December while Nix was off-duty. He was shot as he neared the suspects’ vehicle at a Sheetz station and later died in hospital. Three individuals were charged related to this incident.

Notably, the Sheetz location where this unfortunate incident took place is not one of those that have been equipped with K-9 units.

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