Lego Orders Police To Stop Using Their Toys

Photo by Yulia Matvienko on Unsplash

( – The Murrieta Police Department in California has decided to stop using Lego heads to conceal the identities of suspects in its social media postings following a request from the Lego Group, which raised concerns over the use of its intellectual property. Lieutenant Jeremy Durrant of the Murrieta Police Department acknowledged the request from the Lego Group on March 19, expressing understanding and agreement to halt the practice.

For years, and notably since 2021, the department had adopted the method of digitally modifying images, including the use of the iconic Lego head, to obscure suspects’ faces. This change in practice was in response to a California law enacted that year, which restricts the release of photos of suspects involved in nonviolent crimes by law enforcement agencies, except under particular conditions. The legislation also requires the deletion of such images from social media within 14 days, barring exceptional circumstances.

The department’s use of this unique method of obscuring faces was highlighted in a social media post on March 18, which drew public interest. The post explained that the department’s approach aimed to maintain transparency with the community while respecting the legal rights and protections of suspects, in compliance with the new state law.

Following the Lego Group’s communication, Lieutenant Durrant indicated the department’s openness to finding new ways to present their social media content in an engaging and interesting manner for their audience, signifying a willingness to adapt their methods while continuing to respect legal guidelines and intellectual property rights.

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