Retired General Calls Republicans ‘Hypocrites’

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

( – Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Mark Hertling has called out House Republicans who have traditionally claimed to be the pro-military party following a vote on Tuesday.

The vote on Tuesday was blocked by Five Republican lawmakers who joined the Democrats to vote against legislation that would provide funding for the Department of Defense (DoD). This was the first of the dozen bills that the chamber would need to vote for the government not to shut down at the end of the bill.

The bill was opposed by some of the party’s more conservative members, including Dan Bishop, the Representative of North Carolina, who took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to state that he would not agree to the measure as Congress has not yet moved towards having twelve appropriations bills that would abide by the spending levels that had been agreed upon in January.

However, many moderate Republicans have slammed the more conservative members of their conference over their decision to strike the bill down.

Hertling, in his post on X, stated that between statements about the Russian soldiers being more challenging than the U.S. ones, calling the military “woke,” blocking the promotion of more than 300 officers, and voting against the budget for the Department of Defense, it is hard to hear Republicans claim that they “support the troops.’

The former commander of the U.S. Army Europe has previously slammed the Republican members who had claimed that the Democratic “woke” policies were negatively affecting the armed forces. He has also stated that he is “disgusted” by the Republican bill that called for the U.S. to stop providing aid to Ukraine.

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