Why Women Are Being Punched In The Faces In NYC

Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash

(TheRedWire.com) – In recent weeks, a number of women have taken to TikTok to recount the incidents where they were punched while in New York City. 

On Tuesday New York Mayor Eric Adams (D) during an appearance on “Good Morning America” argued that the reports had shown the “corrosiveness of TikTok.” When asked about the reports of the women who had gotten punched, which ended up going viral on the platform, Adams argued that this was “despicable.” He added that whoever was doing this should hope that he won’t be in the street when such behavior takes place. 

He continued by noting how unbelievable it was to see how TikTok could be used to teach people how to steal vehicles, ride on top of the trains in the subway, and other anti-social behavior. He added that it was unacceptable for a woman to be punched as she was walking down the street. 

Multiple women have put out reports stating that in the past few weeks, they have been punched while walking in New York City. The first of these reports appeared on March 17 on social media according to The Washington Post. Since then, there have been videos posted by at least half a dozen women on social media where they reported that they had been assaulted. Two have also filed police reports following the incidents. 

Last week one man had reportedly been arrested after he had randomly punched a woman in Manhattan.

Adams has been a frequent critic of social media platforms, including TikTok, and has argued that the version of TikTok available in the United States was different from the version available in China. He also suggested that the version in the United States has more violent content. 

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