Woman Rushed To Hospital After Eating Pork Rinds

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

(TheRedWire.com) – A distressing incident occurred when a South American woman, Celia Tello, 68, from Peru, was taken to the hospital after consuming pork rinds that contained a dangerous item. During a snack in February, Tello experienced a sharp sensation in her throat, leading to severe illness and vomiting blood, as reported by Reuters. Medical examination revealed that a nail had lodged in one of her carotid arteries, crucial for supplying blood and oxygen to the brain.

Initially mistaking the foreign object for a bone, Tello was shocked to discover it was a nail. “I never imagined that I had ingested a nail or a piece of wire,” she conveyed to Reuters in Spanish. The removal of the nail required meticulous surgery, as articulated by Surgeon Diego Cuipal. The operation entailed careful dissection to prevent a blood clot from detaching and reaching the brain. The medical team successfully isolated and repaired the damaged artery by connecting it with a healthy one.

Subsequent x-rays highlighted the nail’s penetration into Tello’s throat. She has since recovered, bearing a scar on her neck as a reminder of the ordeal. Although it’s uncommon for harmful objects to be found in food products, this is not an isolated case. Historical instances include a Burger King patron who ingested a fingernail in his burger in 2018 and a Chipotle customer in Massachusetts who, in 2019, bit into a burrito containing a nail, resulting in a chipped tooth.

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